Designed and built for cajon

Created by percussionist Paul Jennings, Cajon Brush are brushes designed and built specifically for the cajón. Thanks to Jennings’ extensive research and development, these brushes give the instrument a rich, brushed sound while also allowing players to achieve warm low tones. One-inch in diameter, the natural wood handles not only look great, but also give percussionists the right feel and the ability to play with the best technique.

Cajón Brush products feature: hardwood oak handles in both natural and dark colors; optimum bristle density for both high and low tones; a sliding O-ring on each brush to control the sound; and premium bristle materials to give the brushes a longer life. Cajon Brush also work well with other drums and percussion instruments.

Worldwide distribution by Hal Leonard Corporation

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Solid oak handles

We only use the finest oak wood for our handles and each one is branded with the Cajon Brush logo.

Cajon Brush comes in two colors: Light and Dark

Bristles for cajon

After many hours of experimentation we discovered the perfect bristle density for the best sound on cajon.

Cajon Brush will enable you to get low bass tones while achieving naturally brushed high tones.

Tone & Balance

Each brush is fitted with a sliding ring that allows you to adjust the tightness of the bristles so you are in control of your tone.

Each pair are weight balanced so the brush will let your hands do exactly what you want them to do.

Hand made with integrity

Each pair of Cajon Brush are hand made in the USA using sustainably sourced woods and components that will never cause suffering to any living person or animal.

Every pair are tested on a cajon for sound and durability. We won’t let anything less than perfect leave the workshop.

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What our customers say

Justin T

Amazon Customer

Love these things! They save my hands and very little sacrifice on tonal authenticity. Very comfortable and easy to use. Great design. I would highly recommend them. I also have the Vater cajon brushes and I think these are superior in quality and sound.


Amazon Customer

Bought these as a Birthday gift for a very special young lady who is learning to play the Cajon Box Drum. She told me that she just loves them and that they are made well and even come with a pouch/bag to keep them in when not in use.Delivery was very quick and packaged well.


Buy Cajon Customer

I am very happy with these brushes. They sound fantastic on my cajon. Big bass response that is not easy to get with other brushes. Paul has done a fantastic job with attention to detail. The handles are beautifully made and have a heat branded logo. Bristle thickness is perfect for cajon and feel great to play. Well done!


Buy Cajon Customer

mm mmmm… just love the bass I can achieve, they lay easy in the hand, smooth and jazzy… just love them!

Cajon Brush In The Press

Cajon Brush for other drums

Many drummers are also using Cajon Brush for regular drum set as well as other percussion instruments. The Cajon Brush gives drummers a lot more low end response than conventional brushes for drum set. The branded oak handles give you much more power and control, and feel great to hold.

Aaron Sterling

Drummer for John Mayer

“These Cajon Brushes are amazing! I use them on toms and snares and all sorts of things. They are like brushes but with a TON of low end added to them!”