Cajon Brush Artists

Artist quotes

Aaron Sterling

John Mayer

“These Cajon Brushes are amazing! I use them on toms and snares and all sorts of things. They are like brushes but with a TON of low end added to them!”

Mark Powers


Artisan design: stained oak handles (1″ or 1-1/4″); burned-in logo; and each pair arriving with their own cloth bag. Most important, they sound amazing! The thick construction can draw a massive low “bass” tone out of a cajón, and they’re a blast to play on other drums/percussion. Who else is taking the time to hand make stained and burned wooden handles? It’s simply a high quality tool, all the way around!

Blair McMillan

Session Drummer, Nashville

The second you take the Cajon Brushes out the sleeve, it’s obvious that Paul has designed and constructed a quality professional product. The brushes look the part, feel the part, and most importantly, sound the part…They are fairly wide in diameter, but somehow perfectly balanced and not so wide that you can’t execute finger technique when needed. I didn’t want to put the Cajon Brushes down for days after I first tried them…he may have just created a new secret weapon for drummers both live and in the studio. Finally, brushes with balls!! Hurray!

Jaron Mossman


Absolutely love my cajon brushes. They are very well built and extremely versatile! Because I am able to use them on kit, cajon, djembe, really just about anything,my Cajon Brushes quickly became a full time addition to my stick bag and travel with me everywhere I go.

JT Bates

Session Drummer

They have the tone I like at such quiet volumes. Full tones on both drums and cymbals and they feel like sticks in my hand.